How to use oxyhydrogen flame melting fused quartz silica

How to use oxyhydrogen flame melting fused quartz silica? We do 3KW hho demonstration for 10mm diameter quartz glass tube heated under mixture H2 and O2 forming 2800 degrees celsius oxyhydrogen flame, which are equipped both rotating system and vacuum pum

Best way to manual ampoule sealer laboratory ampoule sealing machine

The disadvantages of traditional ampoule sealing machine Traditional ampoule sealing machine adopts liquid gas as fuel and air as combustion-supporting gas.After combustion,the substances containing carbon dioxide will impact on the quality of pharmaceuti

Working Principles Of Oxyhydrogen Flame For Quartz Scientific Glass Blowing

Okay Energy provide you three solutions of oxyhydrogen flame for quartz scientific glass blowing or melting borosilcate glass for research, industrial and government laboratories. 1) manual quartz glass sealing 2)semi-automatic glass sealing 3)big size gl

Okay Energy Happy Meeting Ⅱ Successfully Held On May 22

Okay Energy happy meeting Ⅱ was held on May 22.We adopt the new management method "Chinese Integral System Administration" to mobilize staff's enthusiasm with integral points.

Okay Energy Oxyhydrogen welding at China Wax Investment Casting Show

Okay Energy Oxyhydrogen generators in Beijing,China Industrial Wax Investment Casting show during 16-19th,May.The Booth NO. W3B35. What is oxyhydrogen for wax pattern soldering? You will know more about the newest hho soldering & joining solution

HHO carbon cleaning result with Okay Energy CCS oxy hydrogen carbon cleaner machine

After 35 minutes hho carbon cleaning bmw e30 special drift engine b30 petrol,the motor power increased,smoke less,EAT less.This comments from one of auto service workshop providing oxy hydrogen carbon cleaner service & machines in Tunisia. Let us review

Okay Energy brown gas generator for welding show in China Motor Exhibition 2018

Our newest OH series brown gas generator for welding electric motors will attend the China Motor Exhibition during June 13-15,2018.Welcome to visit our booth no.H175. We will continue to update and improve the unique hho gas technology based on the differ

How to clean a clogged catalytic converter without removing it?

A clogged catalytic convertor causes the symptoms of speed acceleration issue.If a catalytic converter is only clogged, can it be cleaned without removing it? We provide you with the latest technology to maintain the work of engines and catalytic converte

HHO gas car engine carbon cleaning by Eco service auto | Okay New partner

Congratulations on Eco Service Auto becoming the first Okay Partner to provide HHO gas (oxy hydrogen) car engine carbon cleaning machine & service in Tunisia. We are using newest professional engine carbon cleaning solutions for cars.

90% of customers are happy of CCS1500 - Good HHO Carbon Cleaner Review

90% of customers are happy of CCS1500 hho carbon cleaner machine.It is good engine carbon clean review for Okay Energy.We will continue to make innovations and improvement on 100% high quality products and service.

Ukraine Customers Visit Okay New Factory About hho oxy-hydrogen machine

We are very happy to have the first Ukraine customers visit Okay Energy new factory in April. The visit plan is to learn more about hho oxy-hydrogen machine's applications,hho production process,and on-site machine demonstration on one day.

Engine carbon cleaning is the growing market opportunity

Any relevant car dealership service & maintenance is easy to run carbon cleaning business-- car wash, for example.It is just extra increased valuable auto maintenance service on the basis of car wash business because of using the existing customer resourc

Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner Machine 2018

Anyone have tried the catalytic converter cleaner that gets rid of carbon buildup and cleans the cars' catalytic converter,fuel injectors, and oxygen sensors.Have you tried the new technology catalytic converter cleaner machine in 2018? It is fully autom

Congratulations On Okay Energy Relocation In New Plant From March 28

Formally inform you our company has been working on March 28,2018 move to a new plant covers an area of 5,000 sq.m. The size of the company will expand to a few times.The development of the company with your support, and hope we have a pleasant cooperatio

Okay Energy HHO moving to new factory before the end of March,2018

We are moving to new factory,Xinggong International Industrial Park, before the end of March. Some of goods delivery will be delayed these two weeks. Thanks for all of customers understanding and supporting us during this time.

Okay Energy CCS1500 HHO carbon cleaning machine is your best choice

Okay Energy is the only one professional HHO carbon cleaning machine manufacturer for the automotive tools and equipment trade,car garages, mobile mechanics, franchises.

Okay Energy Oxyhydrogen at 2018 EASA Convention & Exhibition in Milwaukee, WI

Many well-known electric appliance and electric motors manufacturers have used Okay Energy oxy hydrogen welding machine recent years. Okay Energy will attend the 2018 EASA Convention & Exhibition on June 24-26 in Milwaukee, WI. Welcome to our booth no.122

What's the Difference of Oxyhydrogen Copper Brazing and Soldering Machines

Some welding worker often have some technical questions on forums that any experience of oxyhydrogen welding, and the difference of oxy-hydrogen welding and oxyacetylene welding on aluminum,silver,copper,gold and nickel. One of our experienced welder work

Congratulations on Okay Energy "high and new technology enterprise" awarded as hho technology

Okay Energy has been awarded as " high and new technology enterprise",which marks the approval of the relevant hunan state departments in the innovation of hydrogen and oxygen hho technology.

Okay Energy at Frankfurt Automechanika Dubai Fair 2018

As one leader of intelligent HHO car care expert,Okay Energy will attend Automechanika Dubai fair during May 1-3,2018.We will bring our newest update CCS2000 carbon cleaning machine this time. Welcome to visit our booth No.S1-I49 in Dubai.

Iraq Customer 100% satisfied with Okay Catalytic Cleaning Machine Service

On the first day of our biggest traditional Chinese lunar New Year, firecrackers rang out and everyone was busy with New Year's visit, while our CEO of Okay Energy, Jack and sales manager were teaching our customer how to use one of our new catalytic con

Congratulations On Success Held The Okay Energy 2017 Year-end Party And 1st Happy Meeting

Okay Energy 12th anniversary of year-end party and 1st happy meeting of integral system management was held successfully on Feb. 6th , 2018 in Lugu Compark Plaza.The theme of Okay Energy year-end party is new start and new span.We invited many honored gue

Introduction 6 differences of Okay new OH3000 oxyhydrogen

To meet market demand in some industry, Okay Energy technology department update the hho technology of oxyhydrogen generators.Today let us introduce you the new design and 6 differences of Okay Energy OH3000 hho machine.

Welcome Central South University for on-site test OH3000 for quartz glass tube sealing

Warmly welcome Central South University's teacher and students to Okay Energy workshop for on-side test oxy-hydrogen generator OH3000 for quartz glass tube sealing.Quartz tube sealing system is to fix oxyhydrogen torch,quartz glass and revolve quartz. Bu

The key to success of hydrogen engine carbon cleaning & catalytic converter cleaning service

Whether you own a car workshop or not,what is the key success to do hydrogen engine carbon cleaning & catalytic converter carbon cleaning service? We found that they mostly promote the car engine clean service on SNS like facebook,twitter through our regu

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